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Taste the mini bottles in your Wine Tasting Kit.
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Rate the wines to get your FREE Wine Profile, which explains your preferences.

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Our WinePrint™ technology personalizes wine shipments to your tastes.

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Wine is especially delicious when it
suits your tastes

Taste the difference: You taste-test and rate a range of fine wines in sample-size bottles. Our WinePrint™ personalization technology will then generate your profile, which explains in plain English which types of wine suit your tastes. You'll even learn which foods to pair with those wines.

A delectably easy way to discover
wine you’ll love

Wine confusion, cured: No more wandering wine shop aisles, wondering which bottle to buy. No more wine clubs that play a game of hit or miss with the wines they send you. WinePrint™ selects only the 750ml bottles for your shipments that fit your profile and will please your senses.

Our wine experts

No wine stands a chance of being in your shipment if it doesn't meet the high standards of our team of in-house professionals, with 100+ years' combined experience in the wine business.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Other wine clubs say you'll be satisfied. We guarantee it. Here's how...
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