Cleveland Indians™ California Cabernet Sauvignon

A Cabernet that displays ripe, luscious fruit flavor characteristics from beginning to end. Blackberry and plum flavors abound with cherry aromatics followed by robust, dark fruits on the palate, toned by a hint of oak.

Tastes Like

Tastes like: Black Cherry, Blackberry, Coffee, Plum
Pairs with: Barbecue, Burgers, Sausages
Good for: Barbecues, Casual gatherings
Alcohol: 14%


California, United States

Did You Know?

Grappa, the clear spirit enjoyed by Italians, is made by using the grape skins and seeds left over from making red wine. They're placed in a copper still and heated. Any alcohol still in the skins and seeds turns to vapor, then recondenses as alcohol to become Grappa.