2017 Spectroscope Rogue Valley Pinot Gris

Wine is often described through a spectrum of flavors, but it can also be assessed by its color, as the particular shades can reveal valuable clues about its flavors and body. This Pinot Gris is dominated by a beautiful array of green and yellow hues, ranging from pale lime to golden. Pour a glass and contemplate what you see before finally taking a sip.

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like

green apple

tropical fruit

Asian Pear


Rogue Valley, Oregon, United States


Chicken Dishes

Indian Curry

Light Seafood Dishes


Did You Know?

Maintaining a constant temperature is critical for fermenting wine. Winemakers in ancient cultures buried amphorae in the ground to keep a wine's temperature steady – some modern winemakers still prefer the same technique over modern equipment and cooling systems.