2017 Le Rusé Renard Loire Valley Cabernet Franc

You needn't be sly as a fox to enjoy this savory and luscious red, but it would help if you mean to get a taste while serving it at a dinner party. This appetizing, food-friendly wine will lure your guests into taking sip after sip with its flavors of red currant, plum, dried herbs and graphite, and you might find them monopolizing the bottle if you're not careful. Make sure you manage a glass for yourself, no matter what it takes. Sharing can be overrated.

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like

black currant

Red currant



Bell pepper


Loire Valley, France



Braised Meats

Leg Of Lamb

Did You Know?

The only red wines in Burgundy are Pinot Noir, the only white wines Chardonnay – with one exception. Some vineyards grow a white grape called Aligoté, which is a light, crisp, minerally wine.