2016 Explorador Portugal Red Blend

For centuries, the Portuguese have been drawn to the sea to explore new lands — but the country also offers much for others to discover. This red blend of 40% Touriga Nacional, 35% Syrah and 25% Aragonez is a textbook introduction to the wines of the warm, arid vineyards of Southern Portugal. Plump, ripe fruit flavors of blackberry and cherry are distinctly displayed and elevated with notes of vanilla and tobacco on the palate, making this the perfect wine to enjoy with barbecue fare. Explore something new, using just your wineglass.

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like


Dark Chocolate


black cherry

Cigar Box






Short Ribs

Did You Know?

Grappa, the clear spirit enjoyed by Italians, is made by using the grape skins and seeds left over from making red wine. They're placed in a copper still and heated. Any alcohol still in the skins and seeds turns to vapor, then recondenses as alcohol to become Grappa.