2016 Curieuse Vin de France Syrah

It's <i>curieuse</i> indeed how Syrah can be made into such a wide array of styles. Grown in all corners of the world, from South Africa to Australia, it's a variety that can develop into wildly different wines. This French example hails from a cool growing region that imparts its trademark aromatics of olive and black pepper, followed by concentrated notes of blackberry, blood orange and smoked meat on the palate. Pair this gorgeous red with grilled lamb for a sublime experience.

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Rhône Valley, France

Did You Know?

Cabernet Sauvingon, considered one of the world's most noble and popular grapes, is actually a genetic cross of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc that likely occured by accident in the 17th century. DNA tests confirmed the variety's origins in 1996.