2015 Nardelli Appassimento Edizione Vino Rosso

Bold, dark and unflinching — these are the words to describe the experience of tasting this unforgettable Italian red blend. The wine spent up to a year in barrel, with the oak providing a spicy structure to the extracted flavors of blackberry jam, vanilla bean and cherry preserves. The ripe fruit and acidity extend to the warm, lingering finish, leaving you with a truly memorable drinking experience. Enhance the flavors with some grilled meat and good company.

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like

Blackberry jam

Jammy Black Fruit




Puglia, Italy




Grilled Red Meats

Did You Know?

Fortified wines, such as Sherry and Port, are made by adding brandy – which is basically just wine that's been distilled, so it becomes a sort of grape vodka. Adding that back to a wine is what "fortifies" it.