2015 Le Rusé Renard IGP Côtes de Gascogne White Wine Blend

The grapes for this juicy, ripe and intensely aromatic Côtes de Gascogne were grown in a sunny, hot climate balanced by the cooling maritime influence of the nearby Atlantic Ocean, then nurtured to peak ripeness. The result is a spritely, highly acidic wine, with abundant flavors of lemon, lime and peach, meant to be sipped with abandon on its own, or enjoyed with light salads or seafood dishes.

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Côtes de Gascogne, South West France, France


Light Salads

Light Seafood Dishes

Did You Know?

White wines are typically cloudy before they're bottled. First they must undergo fining, which precipitates out the cloudy compounds. Common fining agents are gelating, milk, egg whites and isinglass, whcih comes from fish bladders.