2014 Skrimshaw Monterey County Pinot Blanc

A beautiful accompaniment to your summertime repertoire, this crisp yet rich, aromatic expression of Monterey County shows generous flavors of wildflowers, green apple, stone fruit and honey. The palate displays pitch-perfect acidity, with notes of lemon rind and wet river rocks. Clean and tasty, this is a real crowd-pleaser.

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like

green apple



stone fruits


Monterey, Central Coast, California, United States


Goat Cheese

Anything Grilled

Light Seafood Dishes

Did You Know?

Grappa, the clear spirit enjoyed by Italians, is made by using the grape skins and seeds left over from making red wine. They're placed in a copper still and heated. Any alcohol still in the skins and seeds turns to vapor, then recondenses as alcohol to become Grappa.