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6-Bottle WinePrint™ Tasting Kit $39.95
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Your WinePrint™ Tasting Kit will be sent right away. It will include simple instructions on how to rate the wines included in the kit and receive your FREE WinePrint™ Personality Profile.

After 30 days of ordering your kit, unless you cancel, you will receive convenient delivery of your first half-case of wine (6 full-size, 750ml bottles) for only $59.99 — that's 50% off the retail price! — plus tax. Shipping included.

Then, every 3 months, you'll receive a new case (12 full-size, 750ml bottles) at the low flat rate of $149 (a savings of up to 40% off retail) plus $19.99 shipping & tax.

You may cancel at any time by calling
1-888-929-2827 and you will no longer be billed.

Wine deliveries are not contingent upon rating the wines in your Wine Tasting Kit, but we encourage you to rate them to ensure we send you wines that best match your preferences.

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Tasting Kit and Glass

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Very smart concept and excellent sampling technique.

Yvonne — TN

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