How It Works

We believe wine should be accessible, fun to learn about, and easy to enjoy. So we designed a better wine experience that's all about you — your tastes and your preferences. Get what you want, when you want it. And never run out of quality wine.

Try it for less than $10!

Rate Your Kit

Taste six different mini-bottles of wine and tell us which ones you like best.

Get Your Wine Profile

Receive a personalized wine profile that details the styles and flavors you prefer.

Personalized Shipments

Get full-size bottles that match your palate delivered to your door.

Rate As You Go

Rate the wines you receive to improve your selections over time.

Customize Your Experience

Set Your Schedule

Choose your shipment dates and frequency.

Receive the Right Amount

Specify the number of bottles per shipment.

Choose Red vs. White

Pick reds, whites, or a combination of the two.

Make the Final Call

Preview your selections and replace anything you don't want.

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